Tax advisory. We act as tax consultants for companies in all tax aspects of their businesses, from daily routines to complex transactions.

Tax audits. We advise our clients since the beginning of tax audits, immediately responding to incorrect fact or law interpretations by tax authorities, therefore, reducing or eliminating undue tax assessments.

Tax litigation. We represent companies in administrative and judicial tax processes regarding taxes. We take legal initiative against tax legislation innovations that are against the law or the Constitution.

Corporate restructuring. We analyze the tax aspects of corporate restructuring transactions, such as acquisitions or mergers, with the objective of reducing the tax cost and the risk of future tax assessments.

Oil & Gas. We have a solid background in tax matters related to REPETRO and the Charter & Services contracts for Oil & Gas rigs. We elaborate the supplementary contracts related to the Charter & Services contracts, defining the segregation of expenses and inter-company services. We defend our clients in tax audits related to those contracts.

High Net-Worth Individuals. We advise family companies and high net-worth individuals in the compliance with complex tax returns and central bank requirements, especially in cases involving assets abroad. We legalize assets abroad and provide the international tax planning.


Expats. We advise companies that expatriate collaborators to Brazil, in the compliance with all tax obligations, using our proprietary tax compliance software.

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